Our extensive range of high quality Chandeliers offers Traditional to Contemporary styles and everything in between. Discover luxury pieces or basic budget, perfect for a diverse range of interiors. Visit our showroom for inspiration and a unique shopping experience.

Baldwin Park Chandelier

Finish: Coal and Soft Brass
Width: 27″
Height: 11.5″
Extensions: 30.5″
Bulbs: 6 x 60W

Union Estates Linear Chandelier

Finish: Coal & Soft Brass
Width: 40″
Height: 12.75″
Bulbs: 8 x 60W T8 E12

Salem Chandelier

Finish: Matte Black
Diameter: 22.5″
Height: 19.75″
Bulbs: 4 x 60W E26 Bulbs

Brianna Chandelier

Finish: Burnished Brass
Diameter: 24″
Height: 21.38″
Bulbs: 6 x 60W E12

Sorrento Chandelier

Finish: Chrome with Clear, Amber, and Smoked Glass
Diameter: 24″
Height: 11″
Bulbs: 3 x 12W G4 LED 3000K

Vega Chandelier

Finish: Black
Diameter: 45″
Height: 120″ Maximum
158W Integrated LED 3000K

Bloomfield Oval Chandelier

Finish: Antique Brushed Gold
Width: 31″
Depth: 28.5″
Fixture Height: 31″
18 x 81W LED 3000K

Anello Chandelier

Finish: Brushed Nickel
Diameter: 32″
Height: 1-3/4″
78W Integrated LED 3000K

Conic Linear Pendant

Finish: Black
Width: 8″
Length: 43.25″
Bulbs: 4 x 50W G9

Auresa Pendant

Finish: Coal
Diameter: 22.25″
Height: 18.5″
Bulbs: 5 x 60W A19

Londyn Chandelier

Finish: Burnished Brass
Diameter: 28″
Height: 11.125″
Bulbs: 12 x 60W E12

Chute Chandelier

Finish: Black
Diameter: 50″
Height: 14″
260W Integrated LED 3000K

Marni Chandelier

Finish: Polished Nickel
Diameter: 21.25″
Height: 144″ Maximum
90W Integrated LED 3000K

Torcia Linear Chandelier

Finish: Black and Brass
Width: 10.25″
Length: 31.5″
Height: 7.5″
Maximum Height: 60.5″
12 x 30W Integrated LED 3000K


Finish: Chrome and Clear Glass
Width: 23″
Height: 6.75″
33W Integrated LED

Ampersand Large Chandelier

Finish: Brushed Gold
Diameter: 39-3/8″
Height: 7-7/8″
94W Integrated LED 3000K

Pulse Linear Chandelier

Finish: Flat Black
Width: 11.75″
Depth: 59″
Height: 9.50″
33W Integrated LED 3000K

Cosmic Chandelier

Finish: Dark Bronze, Chrome, Satin Brass
Diameter: 24″
Height: 19″
Bulbs: 6 x 60W E12

Paget Round Chandelier

Finish: Chrome
Diameter: 29″
Height: 7″
95W Integrated LED 3000K

Galiano Chandelier

Finish: Black, Copper, and Satin Aluminum
Diameter: 21.75″
Height: 124″
Bulbs: 15 x 4W LED 3000K

Torcia Chandelier

Finish: Black and Brass
Diameter: 24.5″
Height: 7.5″
Maximum Height: 60.5″
12 x 30W Integrated LED 3000K

Armstrong Chandelier

Finish: Black
Width: 30″
Height: 26″
Bulbs: 8 x 100W E26


Finish: Nightshade Black
Diameter: 38.4″
Height: 27.1″
53.6W LED 3000K

Union Pendant

Finish: White
Diameter: 23.625″
Height: 2″
32W Integrated LED 3000K

Baveno Chandelier

Finish: Matte Black and Gold with Alabaster Glass
Diameter: 24″
Height: 9.75″
92.7W Integrated LED 3000K

Sirius Chandelier

Finish: Brushed Nickel
Length: 6.125″
Width: 6.125″
Height: 32.75″
50W Integrated LED 3000K

Clayton Chandelier

Finish: Silver with Brushed Gold
Diameter: 25.75″
Height: 12.5″
Maximum Height: 86.26″
30W Integrated LED 3000K